+ When do we arrive?

Typically, the crew arrives around one hour prior to the ceremony start time, for technical preparations as well as covering pre-ceremony activities. Arrangements can be made to have us cover the couple wedding preparation as well.

+ What type of equipment is used?

All images will be in 1080p HD & Cine quality, recorded and edited using the highest spec hardware and software.

+ Do you use a lot of cabling and bright lights?

No! All equipment used at your event is powered by batteries, so there will be no cables running anywhere. Thanks to the sensitivity of our equipment, if needed, we are able to use small, on camera lights to provide a small pool of light where needed. There are no lights on stands "re-lighting" the room. We try very hard to be unobtrusive, and lights can be a major distraction.

+ What details should be finalized ahead of the wedding?

We recommend speaking with us again close to the wedding date, as that’s when your plans for the day are likely to be finalized. The week of the wedding is the best time to have a conversation with us again, because it ensures a more productive meeting, and a thorough review of your wedding day preferences and plans. It also ensures all the details you discuss will be completely up to date.

+ Do you shoot in black and white, or just colour?

All of our videos and images are shot in colour, but you can easily request to change the images to match your particular preference.

+ Should I have one photographer or two?

Two photographers can work together to achieve excellent coverage of your entire day, with true photojournalistic flair.

+ How many cameras will the videographer use at my wedding?

We believe the best way to achieve a truly cinematic wedding film is with no less than two video cameras, which can be surprisingly discreet on the day. Using two angles or more, we can achieve better coverage, multiple shots and more audio for a superior final video that you’re sure to treasure forever.

+ Why use a wireless microphone?

You do not have to use the wireless microphone, but keep in mind that this is the best way to capture high quality sound during your vows. This can be attached to either the bride or the groom.

+ Can I choose my own my music for the finished video?

Of course! I’m always open to your ideas and ideally, your personality and style as a couple will be evident in the music choice. I may ask you for a few specific ideas and the ultimately match individual songs where they fit best into the pace of your wedding day video.

+ Can I add any add-ons after I have signed a contract?

Of course you can! We can discuss adding on elements to your bespoke package up to 4 weeks before your wedding day. However, you may not reduce the package size/price once the contract has been signed.

+ How do I officially book I Carry Your Heart video and photo services?

Once you have decided to go with us we will send you a contract via email ☺. Once you sign the contract you can either print it out, and scan & email or post it back to us. The deposit may be paid in cash, by electronic transfer or by cheque.

+ How much is the deposit?

We require a €50 non-refundable deposit to officially reserve your wedding date. This will be deducted from the total price. The remaining balance is due before or on your wedding day.

+ Do you charge for travel?

It depends how many miles away your wedding is from the Dublin city area. If it is under 150 kilometers away, then there is generally no extra charge. If you would like us to cover your destination wedding, we can discuss the details.

+ Can you stylize our wedding film?

We can do lots of different styles. Show us an example of a style you would like i.e. Vintage look, black and white - and we can make it all happen!

+ Will you revise the film if we want some changes?

Yes. We really do want you to cherish your wedding day film for the rest of your life. I’m happy to make some changes to ensure that you are happy with the result.

+ Do you have a drone and will you be able to provide drone footage?

Yes, we do and we love it. However, you should also check with the venue that the wedding is at and see if they will give permission for a drone to flying over their property. For safety, we do not fly drones over people or use drones indoors.

+ How do you determine the length of the film?

Some weddings have longer ceremonies, speeches and other entertainment, while some are kept very simple and finish earlier in the evening. Duration is not what matters most when we do the editing, rather, it is how the story can be told best. Our goal is to make the film in a way that reflects you as a couple and for you to be proud when you show it to family and friends.

+ Will you gather guest comments or interviews at the event?

This is an option available should you request it.

+ What happens if my photographer or videographer gets sick on my wedding day?

For every wedding we shoot, photographers and videographers are on a rotating backup schedule to ensure that we have a qualified professional available at a moment’s notice.