For most modern couples, a conventional "wedding video" simply will not do justice to the magic that unfolds throughout their big day. You deserve to have the best wedding cinematographer and photographer to capture your special day – the emotions, the expressions and all the other little things that make you both special. We use the same high production values, narrative storytelling and the cinematic style used in film projects. Together we can create an exceptional wedding film that you will watch time and time again. 

Imagine being able to travel back in time 40 years and hear the young love of your life choke back tears during his or her vows on your wedding day. That’s priceless, right?




**Trailer/Short Film/ Feature Film

1 Videographer

12 hours

2 CINEMA Cameras, Tripod, Steadicam



from €600

**Build your own bespoke package.

"x" Videographers

"x" Hours

"x" Coverage, Services & Equipment



€2400*10% off

**Trailer/ Short Film/ Feature Film

2 Videographers

10 hours

4 CINE & HD Cameras, DRONE Images, Jib




**Trailer/Films and Photos

2 Videographers + 1 Photographer

10 hours

4 HD Cameras, Jib, Dolly and Steadycam


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Our team have a deep understanding of how to take your individual vision and create an amazing wedding film. We are experienced professionals with degrees in film and media and have previously worked in film, and national media. We strive to always do our best and will stay all day, so that you won’t lose one precious moment. Our team comprises two videographers and two photographers who can cover various angles and locations on the day. We can deliver different versions of your wedding film if you like. Choose Trailer, Short Film and even Feature Film length, accompanied by hundreds of amazing photos. We bring experience and the top equipment to capture cinematic images, and can include extras such as a Drone, Jib/Crane, Dolly and Steadycam in order to give your wedding a Hollywood look. We achieve all this by planning ahead for your individual needs and can guarantee to be discreet on your day.



  • Bride and Groom getting ready;

  • Arrivals;

  • The ceremony;

  • Drinks Reception;

  • Dinner;

  • Cake Cutting/Speeches;

  • Dance;


  • Guest messages or short interviews (package of 2 videographers).

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A few days before the wedding we can meet in person or discuss on the phone to plan the details of your big day. After this, we will create a script to ensure that our crew will be on time in each necessary place/position and capture every moment of the day in synch with the event organization. 


We Combine an artistic skill with the use of HD camera technologies to ensure that high-quality recordings of your events can be attained. Our clients are assured a friendly and a professional camera operation will be carried out by our videographers in a very courteous manner.


The cinematic film which is our signature work will feature the preferred music of the bride and groom and audio voiceovers from the day, which helps recreate a timeless feeling of emotions of the day. Also, we correct the colors, add colors, effects, and titles on the images to bring it to the maximum of beauty and style. 


VIDEOGRAPHERS: Whether your choice of venue accommodates one or two cameramen, we aim to capture as much of your day as possible, while ensuring that our presence is discreet. Having more footage to choose from when editing the final film means you won't lose a moment!

TRAILER - 1 min  

We offer a trailer video which will include all the memorable moments of the day for you to share with your friends and family via social network or email.

SHORT FILM - 5 min

We’ll craft a video brimming with emotion from your day, overlaid with audio from your speeches and ceremony, and all accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack of your choice. 

FEATURE FILM - up to 1h 20 min

From the couple getting ready, the final touches of preparation, the guests arriving, walking down the aisle, to the readings and vows, the speeches, the dance, you’ll receive a film of the full day to cherish forever.


PHOTOGRAPHERS: We have experience in traditional and report photography using a combination of posed formal images and spontaneous shots in a discrete, unobtrusive manner. Our expert passion for wedding photography, along with diverse styles, ensures that moments can be captured to make memories for generations to come. 





  1. We will check our schedule to see if we will be available on your wedding date;

  2. We will then send you an agreement to sign, which includes all our term and conditions;

  3. In other to secure the date, you will be required to pay a deposit of €50. You can pay through PayPal or Bank Transfer;

  4. Balance is payable before or after the wedding day depending on your package.


  • We deliver a Trailer, Short Film and Feature Film on a USB stick/flash drive in a Gift Box;

  • We can upload the Short Film to Vimeo, Wistia or Facebook in HD for you to share with your family and friends;

  • We take up to 60 days from the date of your event to deliver the full photos and videos of your wedding.



  • Engagement Film Introduction to Bride and Groom, recalling how they first met, interviews set to music track of your choice. (to be filmed prior your Wedding Day);

  • All Raw Footage;

  • Photo Booth;



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ICYH crew was very easy to work with. Turnaround time for reviewing our video was very quick and with a straightforward editing format. Overall, great value!
— Aoife + Jack 2013
If you are on the fence about investing in videography for your wedding – do it. And hire ICYH ! We are so glad we did. Their pricing is good and an incredible value, and they are a blast to work with. Thanks.
— Fionnuala + Sean 2016
I recommend ICYH. From the pre-planning to the day-of, they were super responsive. Besides communicating through email, they also scheduled an in-person meeting to go over all the details and what shots we wanted in our video.
— Orla + Conor 2014
Great experience! They made sure I knew exactly what I was getting and they were clear on what I wanted/my expectations. Thank you!
— Ciara + Daniel 2017
I would recommend this company to all my friends. ICYH was responsive and professional. Thanks for helping us catching great memories that we’ve probably already forgotten about :)
— Orla + Conor 2015
ICYH had some cool ideas about what to include in the video. The pricing was perfect and semi-customizable as well. They had some unique options to make the video funny and unique.
— Sophie + James 2018
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10 must have items for your wedding day kit!

With this handy little wedding day kit you will have the tools you need in order to face anything that comes your way!

1. Mini sewing kit with scissors, needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins: This might be the #1 thing to have in this kit. We’ve seen it work some magic in those crazy moments!

2. Mini First Aid Kit: Safety first.

3. Deodorant: Someone always forgets to bring theirs… always. Sharing is care!

4. Stain remover pen: You just never know!

5. Lint roller: Extremely useful for the guys jackets and shirts during the day.

6. Heel Protectors: You don’t want to be sinking into the grass during your special day. These are highly recommended.

7. Extra Wooden Hanger: Sometimes the dress doesn’t come on a nice hanger, having a nice wooden hanger handy will allow for amazing shots of your dress.

8. Crochet Hooks: Having one of these around will allow for super easy buttoning of the back of the dress. Ask grandma!

9. Extra Phone Charger: Save the day and have an extra one handy in case someone runs out of juice.

10. Portable Bluetooth Speaker: The music sets the mood of getting ready. Be the DJ and lets get this party started early!

With these items in your wedding kit you’ll good to go all day long!

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How to absolutely slay your engagement videos!

We know wedding planning can be a handful and the last thing on your mind is posing for shots. We wanted to share our top 3 secrets to make sure you slay your engagement video with no worries at all.


Choosing a great location can really make the shoot not only look great but make it fun. We always recommend to our couples that you choose a location that is meaningful in both of your lives and fits your style. Be aware if somewhere is private as you may need permission or a permit to shoot at the said location.


You may have heard of this amazing time of the day when everything looks amazing called “Golden Hour”. Well, everything you’ve heard about it is true we absolutely love shooting in golden hour and we try to schedule all of our shoots around that special time of day to make your video and photos look stunning. Make sure you are aware of when the sunset is and plan for an hour before that for some stunning shots!


If your hair and makeup skills are on point then look no further. If you don’t feel as comfortable with your skills, we do recommend getting your hair and makeup done professional the day of.  If you haven’t had a consultation with your makeup and hair artist for your special day yet, this may be a great time to do so.